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Software for fleet management

Some of BoatGrid's best features

  • Lastminute and Promotions

    Increase your sales publishing your best deals in all the channels that are plugged to the BoatGrid platform. Configure your Last minutes so they are generated automatically and published.

  • One ways and multiport offer

    You will be able to market your boats at more than one port simultaneously. With this functionality you can attract more customers to destinations which are within navigational distances you consider appropriate. BoatGrid will permit you to add additional costs per mile/hour of navigation skipper hours etc.

    Thanks to the multiport functionality you will also be able to offer charters beginning in one port and ending in a different one, online and automatically, again multiplying the probabilities of satisfying the customer.

  • BoatGrid Mobile

    We know that you don't stop working when you leave your office. BoatGrid Mobile allows access to BoatGrid from any Smartphone, thus being able to check real availability of the boats and make manual bookings.

  • Offer Generator

    Send cool offers of several boats at the same time to your clients by email. By selecting a few parameters (dates, number of passengers, etc) BoatGrid will search for all available boats within the search criteria and will produce with just one click a PDF file with dates, prices, and boat fact sheets ready to be sent by email to your customers or an HTML email that will include the PDF attachment.

  • 100% flexible rates

    Our rates system allows you to combine daily, weekend and weekly rates, even groups of days and special holiday periods are possible. With our rates system the boat will be shown online at the fleet's desired rate whether it is daily, weekend, weekly or special holidays, depending on the selection by the customer.

  • Contract Generator

    Now you won't loose time looking for the right contract and have to wait for customers to give you their data as they come to your base. We have developed a contract generator where you can have the text you want, even for each boat, and that will be filled automatically with all the clients personal information as well as the skippers license when a booking comes through our system or when you creat one manualy. BoatGrid will generate the right contract for each booking, so you just have to press "print" to have it completely fulfilled in your clients hands to be signed in seconds.